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A selection of my commercial or published work in collaboration with companies or events.

BBC 3 Documentary -

Gaming and Me

January 2021 - This was a really fun project and my first TV Debut! I was approached by BBC 3 to be a documentary about video games and mental health, talking about my connection with The Last of Us and cosplay. The full doc is available to watch on BBC Iplayer.

Watch here :

Onward UK Premiere

Cardiff Film & Comic Con

September 2019 - I was a cosplay guest and judge for Showmasters, judging the cosplay competition and running panels on costume makeup for attendees.

Project Spores - a Last of Us fan project

From 2020, I have had the pleasure of being involved with Project Spores; a big collaborative fan project based around the game series "The Last of Us" by Naughty Dog. I have had the pleasure of taking the role of the main character Ellie, being on the makeup team as well as being a pivotal part in the producer team helping run the social medias, organise shoots, edit content and interact with followers. We have had lots of success with the film pre release, with plenty of articles and interviews being released as well as frequent interaction with the gaming community on a regular basis. We most recently had the pleasure of being invited to run a panel at Birmingham MCM (November 2021) where we got to have a 45 minute talk all about the production of the film that turned out to be a big hit. 

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