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Hey there! I'm Abi, a 22 year old aspiring cosplayer and commissioned artist based in the UK!

I've been cosplaying properly for about 5 years now, and I've loved every minute of it. Creating costumes and bringing characters to life is my favourite part to do, and I love sharing my creative journeys of each new project with my followers and fellow nerds. I have been involved with numerous dedicated fan projects linked below, as well as frequently attending events for both pleasure and work.


I grew up backstage in the local theatre industry on the makeup teams learning from my mum, so I have nearly always been surrounded by the arts. I also spent numerous years on stage, attributing to my love of in-character work of which I would love to do more of.

I am also an avid artist who hopes to delve into the gaming industry either through concept art or promotional work through costuming. Any opportunites presented to me are taken on with full passion and all of my creative flair!

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